Social Media Action Planning

When a social media presence is key to connecting with the target audiences that will influence your success, a SMAP will define a clear, impactful, and authentic social media strategy. This process begins with understanding when, where, how, and to whom social marketing should be targeted and will provide a framework to build customer connection, community, and advocacy.


We review all of your social media platforms and evaluate content posted from the last 12 months as well as conduct industry reviews with competitive example peers. During this review, we develop social activity scoring to determine what is working and what is not by evaluating engagement and gaining insights on what resonates with each platform’s audience.


Guided by the research and evaluation of the comprehensive assessment, we develop your social strategy. The first step is formulating a social media editorial calendar. This calendar identifies 3-5 personas and multiple post categories to create a strategy that specifies who you should be talking to and what you should be talking to them about. This template is used to develop both the copy and imagery for each target audience resulting in a comprehensive social media plan that is efficient and highly effective.