How Stamp Rebranded ATA Comp Fund to Complement its Parent Organization

By Leigh Farrior

The Alabama Trucking Association Workers’ Compensation Fund wanted to rebrand their organization as the ATA Comp Fund to more closely align with a recent rebrand of their sister organization, the Alabama Trucking Association (ATA). In addition, the project also included a redesign of their website,

How Stamp Rebranded ATA Comp Fund to Complement its Parent Organization


The Alabama Trucking Association Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund provides workers’ compensation coverage to its members. They are recognized as one of the largest association-based funds in the nation and the only self-insurance fund or workers’ compensation provider that bears the name and full endorsement by the Alabama Trucking Association (ATA). Established to provide Alabama trucking companies with a competitive, stable market for workers’ compensation coverage, the Fund has since broadened their footprint to include other transportation, distribution, supply-chain management, and allied companies to provide them with the same great coverage.


Fund leadership noted a lack of communication to members/prospective members about what the Fund actually does and the benefits associated with membership. Several stakeholder groups were unaware of ATA Comp Fund, unaware of what the Fund can do for their client, or perceived them as a more expensive option for workers’ compensation insurance.


Stamp began our assignment with the development of a Marketing Action Plan. Defining the target audiences’ roles and beliefs led to the strategic design of a new logo and helped us prioritize the hierarchy of elements of the new website design.

The rebranding process resulted in a mark based on the iconic vision of a roadway. This reinforces the purpose of the Fund—keeping the Trucking Industry moving forward via education and support. The Branding and Communications Strategy spelled out in the MAP specified the list of collaterals to be developed utilizing the new brand, along with a Graphic Standards Manual, print ad design, member materials, and other elements to be implemented by the Fund.

We designed and developed a new, user-friendly website utilizing the new branding that features an overview of the Fund and leadership, program benefits, case studies, interactive applications, a calendar of events, a member portal, and safety training videos.

Through strategic wireframe creation and site architecture designed to reach each target audience, we were able to develop a comprehensive site with engaging content that is both user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Site architecture was created to guide the user’s journey, wireframes were created to establish a hierarchy of content and help achieve click-through goals of key content, and a robust content document was written with keyword-rich copy that would help with search engine optimization. We directed and shot on-location photography highlighting employees, which resulted in a personalized, friendly and approachable online presence.

With strategic planning and goal setting, the resulting website features the latest news, events, and a content marketing strategy to achieve a three-fold strategy:

  1. provide fresh, relevant content for search engines to pick up and improve ranks of the website;
  2. provide expertise and regulation changes that could affect client safety and improve loss-control; and also
  3. provide content that can be repurposed for use in newsletters and an email marketing strategy.

Services Delivered  

  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Brand Strategy & Awareness
  • Branding
  • Communications Package
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Website Design & Development